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Roblox Raise A Dragon Rebirth is known as the game on Roblox created by misgav11. This one is currently called Raise A Dragon IV. Do you want to know more about this game? Please do not stop reading all the information.

In the game called Roblox Raise A Dragon Rebirth, your job is to raise your very own dragon from the hatching to the ancient dragon. You are able to breed the dragon, collect berries, mine ores, hunt deer, fish, earn gold, sells good for all the weapons and fly to the other islands in the game.

You will be able to see the species in the Roblox Raise A Dragon Rebirth. They divide into the base species and the sub species. The base species are Aspis, eino, Irvys, Orveg, and Uragas. As for the sub species, they are Urveg (Orveg & Uragas), Ultimatum (Uragas & Uragas), Jeleg (Urveg & Ultimatum), Apso (Aspis & Aspis), Zwei (Eino & Eino), Nervys (Irvys & Irvys), Elseg (Orveg & Orveg), and Mutt (Aspis & Uragas).

Apparently, the base species are able to be obtained from eggs and breeding. As for the sub ones, they can only be obtained through the breeding 2 specific species together. However, you have to know that it is with a 10% chance of success. Please keep in mind that the further you go down the list, the rarer the species. For your information, the different species denote varying statistics. According to the official page of Species (Roblox Raise A Dragon on Wiki, Aspis has the lowest possible values whilst Uragas has the highest from the base species. It means that the Uragas Dragon is able to only has the higher speed than the Aspis Dragon.

There are some base elements and sub elements of Roblox Raise A Dragon Rebirth or Roblox Raise A Dragon. The base elements include fire, water, earth, air, dark (rare), and monolith (rarest). As for the sub elements, there are steam (fire & water), magma (fire & fire), ocean (Water & water), ground (earth & earth), oxygen (air & air), flame (fire & oxygen), vvld (dark & dark), and atlas (monolith & monolith).

Just like species, there is 10% possibility of the sub element Dragon being born from the needed mother and fathers. Al the elements at the moment denote the rarity (some elements are rarer than the others) as well as their flame color (different colors are not implemented in the game yet). On the other words, the rarest egg in the game is named the Monolith Uragas (but the Steam Urveg would be rarer).

For further information about Roblox Raise A Dragon Rebirth or Roblox Raise A Dragon, you can visit the official page of it on Wiki. If you have any question, you can try to contact the creator of the game. Aside from that, it is better for you to try to keep in touch with the community of the game. They will keep updating about everything so it will give you benefits.

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