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If you are a veteran of playing games in online gaming platform, you may be familiar with Rixty. It is a leading cash-based alternative payment platform for online games, digital content and also virtual goods. People are able to pay without a credit card and without exposing confidential information by converting cash to Rixty value at 140,000 stores in the United States and Brazil and also hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide.

Usually, online game and website publishers use Rixty to engage with and monetize a bigger percentage of users. By providing cash-based people a safe and flexible way to pay online, Rixty can help these publishers increase sales, permit new business models and also attract new consumers.

The reward program of Rixty gives you a lot of ways to get Reward Points. Every time you load your Rixty account, you will be able to get more Rewards Points. If you Load $1.00 = 1,000 Rixty Reward Points. You have to know that when you have enough points, you are able to cash them in for up to a 5% Rixty bonus. You are able to load your account today to begin earning Reward Points.

Then, you also need to know that Rixty Reward Points will expire one year after they are granted. So, do not wait too long before you cash them in. You have to earn a minimum of 100,000 Reward Points to be able to redeem them for a Rixty Bonus. The more Reward Points that you redeem at one time, the larger the Rixty bonus that you will get. Well, are you looking for Rixty codes generator? If so, you are able to get Rixty codes in some websites such as, and In prizerebel, you are able to get Rixty codes by signing up and then filling out the form with your name, email, and also selected password. After that check your email and click the validation link. Then, you will get points by completing online surveys, signing up for offers or watching videos and then redeem your points for your Free Rixty Gift Card.

It will be delivered digitally and within 24 hours. In, you are able to get Rixty codes by registering first. If you have registered, an invite code will be given to your email address. You have to know that the code will let you earn points soon. You will also be able to begin doing tasks right away. The list of tasks is continually being updated, but the tasks generally include watching videos, answering surveys, completing offers, playing games, and downloading apps. You have to know that the number of points that you make per task will depend on its complexity. You are able to make anywhere from 2 to 10,000 points for each task. How about pointsprizes? Basically, the methods of how to get Rixty codes in this site same as other sites which has described above.

So, if you want to get free Rixty codes, you are able to go to those sites now and make sure that you are able to get codes. If you are successful in getting codes, you are able to share your experience to other people.

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