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What is texture on Roblox? If you are veteran in this online gaming platform, you surely know what it is and maybe you know how to use this. But, if you are new in Roblox, this word probably sounds unfamiliar. So, in this article, we are going to explain about Texture and also Sand Texture ID briefly.

The texture object puts a texture on the face that it is set to. It will be able to work similarly to the Decal object, but instead of scaling the image to fit the brick, it is going to repeat to fit the brick side. This way you are able to make repeating images across a wall. Even though you are not able to insert Textures like you are able to do with Decals, you have to know that it is possible to use Decal images as textures.

How to do that? First, you are able to upload the image that you want to use as a Decal. Then, by using the Insert menu, you have to place your Decal on an object. After that, you need to choose the Decal in the Explorer Window. Then, you have to copy the link beside Texture that you are able to find under Properties. Now, put a Texture object inside the Part that you want the texture on and then use the Insert Object menu. After that, you have to paste the link into the Texture property. There are a lot of materials of texture. The material is a value that can change the texture and tone of a brick.

So, what are they? They are Brick, Cobblestone, Concrete, Corroded Metal, Diamond Plate, Fabric, Foil, Granite, Glass, Grass, Marble, Ice, Metal, Neon, Pebble, Plastic, Sand, Slate, Wood and Wood Planks. As you can see that the material of the texture can be sand. So, do you like sand material? If so, you need Sand Texture ID. Here, we have a list of Sand Texture IDs.

  • Roblox New Sand Texture by reflectronic. The ID: 290223016
  • Sand Texture Seamless by chehimi3REVIVED. The ID: 80766050
  • Sand Texture by TheWorthyRogue. The ID: 3350955
  • Sand Texture by brickster5555. The ID: 28054402
  • Beach Sand Texture by DarkSkeletonKNight. The ID: 15318772
  • Cracked Sand Texture by MrQscope. The ID: 198207074.

If you want to know what the difference among those sand textures, you are able to check on he Roblox one by one. If you like one of them, you are able to use it. But, some of them are not able to be bought anymore.

If you are also looking for other texture from other materials such as glass, grass, foil, fabric, diamond plate, you are able to check in by yourself by searching it on the Roblox site. You are also able to chat with other Roblox users to exchange some information related to Texture. Maybe other Roblox users have other Textures that are cooler. So, choose the Texture that you want now!

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