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Have you heard about Terrainn Roblox? Actually, it is a feature which was introduced in 2011. Then, smooth terrain was introduced in May 2015 and it replaced the old style of terrain in 2017 and new worlds created will use the new type of terrain. Smooth Terrain is a type of terrain and it can give a realistic feel. However,  it is not blocky unlike legacy terrain. This terrain still utilizes voxels, but the voxels are not obvious because of an advanced technology used to generate smoother terrain.

Terrain Tools permit you to make realistic landscape. So, if you create mountains, rivers, and canyons you can use it. How to open Terrain Tools? You have to click on the Editor button from the Home tab to see all the available tools. If you want to open a terrain widget, you can click on any terrain tool like Add, Generate or Subtract. If you use Generate tool, it can create random landscapes. You are able to use this tool to begin a new landscape and then alter it based on your individual vision. Here is the terms in Generate tool.

  • Map Size – it will determine the overall map size of terrain to produce.
  • Seed – It is the random numberand it is associated with the terrain map.
  • Caves – If chosen, caves will be produced in the terrain map.
  • Biome Size – It can set the size ofbiomes in the overall terrain map size.
  • Biomes – It can determine which type of biomes will be produced such as hills, water, mountains and more.

There are several tips of Terrain Generation. First, Terrain generation is able to take time. So, make a small map and then you will get building faster. Second, If you produced a cool terrain, you are able to give that “seed” number to your friend. So, they are able to plug it in and produce a terrain just like yours. Write down the number for your seed and send it to a friend. Then, have them type that number in before producing a terrain with your similar settings. If you cannot generate cool terrain, it is better for you to ask to your friends who are able to make it. There are some forum and groups which talk about terrain and seed. There, you are able to ask about Seed for Terrain and other things which are related to it. You are also able to watch videos in Youtube about seed for Terrain to make you more understand about that.

You may start a new terrain. If so, it is recommended for you to do rough sculpting first to make the biggest part of your world like mountains and different areas for you game. After you create a rough sculp, then you are able to playtest your world to make sure that it fits your game before you add the details. How about Add and Subtract Tools? Those are the most common tools that you use. Those tools can be used for blocking out or building the majority of your environment before starting to get into adding details like waterfalls and caves .

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