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If you like playing a game, then you may want to have the toy of the game. So, what toy do you want to buy of Roblox? If you like playing SharkBite game, now there are two toys of this game that you can buy including Duck Boat and SharkBite Surfer. But in this time, we will only focus on Duck Boat.

In the game of SharkBite, Duck Boat or also called Ducky Boat is one of few starter boats that you are able to obtain. This boat is able to beat Sailboat for its size, stats and reliability. This boat is also better than the Sailboat because of of it is fast enough, and bigger in size.Unfortunately, Duck Boat is not as fast as the Red Motorboat nor extremely big as the Pirate Ship. If you buy SharkBite: Duck Boat toy, you will get 1 figure, 1 vehicle, accessories, collector’s checklist and also exclusive virtual item code. If you check this item now on Amazon, it costs $14.99. But in eBay, you can get it for US $17.84. In Target, it costs $14.99 and in EB Games, it costs $30.00. So, if you want to buy it, make sure that you compare the price in each store and then choose the one that is affordable for you. But, you also have to make sure that the toy that you buy is original.

Besides the stores that we mentioned, where can we buy SharkBite Duck Boat toy and other Roblox toys? You are able to buy them at Best Buy, CVS, BI Mart, Game Stop, Kmart, Journey’s Kidz, Target, Toys R Us, and many other stores. To check where you are able to buy the toys in your country, you are able to visit the website of Roblox Jazwares at When you are at that site, just click on “Where To Buy” in the right side of Roblox name. After that, there will be a pop up window containing the name of countries and the stores. Just click on the country where you live and then it will show you the stores that you can use to buy Roblox toys.

If you often or you have bought a Roblox toy, you surely know that every time you buy a Roblox toy, you will get an exclusive Roblox code that you are able to redeem in Roblox to get an exclusive virtual item. So, you are able to find the code in the package. The code is usually available in a card and it is on the package of the toy. If you find it, you are able to scratch the code and then redeem it in the Make sure that you login first to your Roblox account before you redeem the code. If you have redeemed the code, you will get an amazing virtual item which you can check in your inventory.

Well, what are you waiting for, guys! If you like SharkBite and you really want to have the SharkBite toys especially the Duck Boat, you are able to go to the stores or access online stores to buy this item.

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