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What does come to your mind when you think of SharkBite games on Roblox? Surely there are a lot of things that you can remember. One of those things is Megalodon. What it is and how it looks like, let’s find out more.

In Sharkbite game on Roblox, there are 4 sharks including Megalodon, Great White, Hammerhead, and Skeleshark. But in this chance, we will only focus on Megalodon. Megalodon is the biggest shark of these four sharks and it is also the 2nd fastest and has the most health out of them. Because of its high stats and appearance, this shark is a very coveted shark. The skin of Megalodon is rust-reddish and there is a lighter shade of the color for its underbelly. On their backs, there are a lot of scars. Megalodon has small eyes and the eyes are void-black color and it contributes even more to its intimidating appearance. In the 2018 Christmas Event, this shark could be equipped with a yellow santa hat.

This shark costs 1750 shark teeth and it is hard to get because of its high cost. Even though it is expensive but it is worth it because of its high stats. Also, you are able to ride The Megalodon with the right timing and boat by jumping on top of it. Megalodon is tough to fight. It has sheer size, speed and health and these things only contribute to that. Its appearance which is intimidating can frighten new players who most of the time will not even try to fight it so that they decide to flee. But, you have to note that if you can team up with others, your team might stand a chance against it since the size of Megalodon makes it difficult to miss your shots.

Megalodon can be found in Sharkbite game. Do you know about this game? Sharkbite is an adventure game on Roblox which is created by Abracadabra. It was created on April 10th, 2017 and the last update was on May 14th, 2019. This game can be played by 15 maximum players. Until now, this game has been visited more than 231.2 million times and it has more than 1.6 million favorites and also more than 387K likes. In this game, you can be the shark or join your friends in a battle of survival against the boat eating shark. You are able to use your weapon to fight off the shark or avoid it all cost. Then, you are able to use your shark teeth to purchase more exciting items at the end of each round.

In this game, there are several game badges that you are able to achieve and those are SharBite that can be achieved by playing SharkBite, Survivor which can be achieved by surviving the shark in SharkBite, Sharkinator that can be achieved by winning a round of SharkBite as the shark by killing all players in game, Cannonballer that can be achieved by hitting the shark with a cannonball fired from the Pirate Ship by clicking on the cannons, and The Last Shot that can be achieved by being the player to deal the final blow to the shark and you have to kill it.

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