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What games do you like to play on Roblox? If you like playing SharkBite games and then you want to have the toy, you can have it. Now, you are able to buy the SharkBite toy in online stores.

If you check the toy in the website of Roblox Jazwares that can be accessed at, you are able to find SharkBite: Duck Boat and SharkBite Surfer toy. In the game, Duck Boat or Ducky Boat is one of few starter boats that you can get and it apparently is able to beat Sailboat for its size, stats and reliability. This boat is better than the Sailboat because of of it is fast enough, and bigger in size. However, it is not as fast as the Red Motorboat nor extremely big as the Pirate Ship. If you buy SharkBite: Duck Boat, it includes 1 figure, 1 vehicle, accessories, collector’s checklist and also exclusive virtual item code. If you check this item now on Amazon, it costs $14.99.

Next item is SharkBite Surfer toy. If you buy this toy, it includes 1 figure, accessories, collector’s checklist and also an exclusive virtual item code. If you check this toy in Amazon online store, it costs $12.81. So, if you want to buy these toys, just access amazon or other online stores. Other stores that also sell Roblox toys are Best Buy, CVS, BI Mart, Game Stop, Kmart, Journey’s Kidz, Target, Toys R Us, and many other stores. If you want to check where you can buy these toys in your country, you are able to visit the website of Roblox Jazwares at

As mentioned above that if you buy these toys or other Roblox toys, it will include an exclusive virtual item code. So, you have to find the code in the package. The code is in a card and it is on the package of the toy. After you find it, you are able to scratch the code and then redeem it in the Do not forget to login to your Roblox account first before you redeem the code. And if you have redeemed the code, you will get an awesome virtual item in your inventory.

These two toys of SharkBite are worth it to have. The Duck Boat is yellow and there is a girl in long purple hair holding a gun and also a shark. Then, SharkBite Surfer, it is a girl with long brown hair wearing black swim suit. SharkBite Surfer is completed with white surfing board with Roblox name on it and also some colours at the end of it and also two other items.

If you do not buy this toy yet and you want to know more about this toy, you are able to watch some review and unboxing videos about it on Youtube. Some videos that you are able to watch are Roblox Toys SharkBite Duck Boat & Surfer, Code Items, Unboxing & Toy Review by Lily & Gia’s Toy Reviews and Gaming, Roblox Sharkbite Duck Boat Playset + New Roblox Toy Collection! Rubber Ducky Toy by Just4fun290, Unboxing Roblox Toys – Shark Bite Duck Boat and Jailbreak Swat Unit by Chad Alan and many more.

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