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During you play games on Roblox, you may have heard about Stealth Pilot. However, you may just hear a little about him and you want to know more who he is and what he did on Roblox. We are going to explain about him in this article based on some resources.

Stealth Pilot was a Super Moderator in the past. Besides, he was also a game developer on Roblox. Do you know what Super Moderator is? It is a type of moderator which specialized in all areas of moderation on Roblox. Super Moderator is also known as Head Moderators. They have more power towards the other moderators and they are able to control the Forum, accept or deny assets and also moderate around the website. But but now, all of the moderator badges were removed.

Stealth Pilot is also known because he created the game The Undead Coming on Roblox. But then, this game was stolen jaredvaldez4 and reuploaded as The Infection. Stealth Pilot is in the 3rd place in the Roblox Grand Melee Tournament. It was an event which took place from August 17th, 2007 to August 26th, 2007. In this tournament, the players are ranked based on the K/D ratio, or kills which divided by deaths.

Stealth Pilot is also credited for making one of the first plane models on Roblox from which most modern Roblox planes are descended from. Now, if you visit his profile on Roblox, you will be able to see that he follows more than 40K and has more than 95K followers and also 6 friends. His avatar is wearing Fearless Face, Double Platinum DJ headphone, Green Boa, Roblox Baseball Cap, Midnight Shades, Jeans and Tanks, Tattoo, and The Fiery Sun.

In his Inventory, he has a lot of items including Golden Antlers, Opened Golden Gift, Next Level Blue, Opened Gift of Friends, Opened Restricted, Dark Minion, Verified Sign, Empyrean Reignment, Hyperactive Egg of Hyperactivity and many more. For group, he joins Zelda Twilight Princess Fans, Semi-Rich, Orbital Vanguard Alliance, Stealth Organization, MrDoomBring The Epic, Team NobleDragon, Elite Builders of Robloxia, RASA, and Plague Bearers. You can see that he has Turbo Builders Club. He joined Roblox since September 10th, 2006 and now his place has been visited more than 1.8 million times.

Now, he is inactive on Roblox. Do you know the reason of it? For your information, an unknown user got access to the account of Stealth Pilot on April 1st, 2012 and it is the same day as the 2012 April Fools Hack. That unknown user tried to mess around with the admin controls. That unknown user compromised and unbanned some accounts, posted remarks which are inappropriate on the forum, uploaded hats which were not supposed to be out and also ruined the site as a whole. After this incident, the compromised accounts and also Stealth Pilot were terminated. Then, because Roblox employees claims that ban cases are not able to be reviewed after a month, Stealth Pilot is unbanned. It is because Stealth Pilot had direct contact with the administrators that still works for Roblox.

In his profile, you are able to see he has some creations on Roblox including The Undead Coming v1.3, Gladiator Arena Minigames II, The Mummy Returns with His Duckehs, ECM: Remastered, Pirates of the Robloxian I and some more.

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