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A lot of people look for Uncopylocked games on Roblox. They probably need this because they like the games and they want to make another version of the game by using the games which have existed.

One of the uncopylocked games that people are looking for is Stealth game. Have you ever heard or played this game? It is a fighting game on Roblox which was created by Mailbox Games on October 26th, 2015. This game is able to be played by only one player in each server. More than 22.8 million times this game has been visited. Besides, this game also has with more than 323K favorites and more than 89K likes. In this game, you need to sneak around town or you are also able to run pellmell across the rooftops just watch out for those guards. Alpha Tester, Beta Tester, Level 25, Level 50, Level 75, Level 100, Level 125, Level 150, Level 175, and Level 200 are a number of badges that players can get in the game. Some game passes can also be purchased in this game including More Colors for R$ 100 and Bright Colors for R$ 100.

What will we do in this game? You will play as a a would-be assassin. Different tasks will be given to you and those tasks require you to get kills, levels or money in some ways. Three types of weapons will be given to you including your sword which you are able to use to block and slash with, your stealth weapon which 1-hit kills anyone who you hit with it but it has a long cool down and your crossbow which is your ranged weapon though it hits for less damage than the other weapons in your disposal.

You need to now that the weaponry is able to be upgraded like your outfit through the store page. You can get new items the higher level you are, but each item costs money. You are able to earn money from killing other players and you get more bounty by killing civilians. The civilians run around the map. You will see other players will look like civilians until they are able to draw their weapons. So, you have to follow them to find out whether they are a player or not.

Are you looking for uncopylock for this game? It seems that this game is not uncopylocked. But, if you are looking for Stealth Uncopylocke, you will find Stealth Uncopylocke by boylesxd123 on Roblox. It was created on August 18th, 2017 and the last update was on September 8th, 2017. Uncopylocked game is a game where people can take a copy of the game which then they are able to do anything they want with the game. Some people use exploits to be able to copy the localscripts of the game they want, serverscripts cannot be accessed by the exploits. If you can do this, you are able to take builds and limited scripts.

However, it is better for you to make your own games without having to get the uncopylocked games. If you are able to make games from the start, and then it grows better and better, you will feel satisfied with your efforts.

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