Roblox Studio How to Get the Second Stone

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Roblox has a Roblox Studio which is a program that enables you to create games on Roblox. There are assortments of coding and building tools there that you can use. So, Roblox does not only allow the users to enjoy the games there but also allow them to be creative.

In the Roblox Studio, there are File, Home, Model, Surface, Terrain, Plugins, View, Toolbox, Explorer, Properties, and more. In the Toolbox, you will be able to find valuable assets for newcomers to Roblox Studio. If you are new to the interface, you will see that the toolbox contains everything that you need. There, you can see a simple block to a complicated jet airplane. In the toolbox, there are everything that users have uploaded to Roblox. If you want to use toolbox, you have to click the toolbox option and then click on the drop down menu at the top of the toolbox. You are able to browse to which category and then which object that you would like to choose and click on the object. Then, the object will come up in the workspace.

You may want to know how to get the second stone in this program. To know about this, you are able to explore all of the tools in the Roblox Studio. Usually, trial and error will make you be able to operate it comprehensively. You are also able to watch some video tutorials about how to get the second stone on Youtube or ask other Roblox players about it. Make sure that you ask the right person that is someone who knows and expert in using Roblox Studio.

If we talk about stones, it probably reminds you of I Don’t Feel So Good Simulator. This game was created by Phexonia Studios on August 19th, 2018. This game now has been visited more than 3.8 million times and can be played by 50 maximum players in each server. It has more than 70K favorites and more than 20K likes. This game is categorized into comedy genre. There are several badges that you are able to get in this game including Time Stone, Reality Stone, Mind Stone, Power Stone, Space Stone, and Soul Stone. The game pass that you are able to buy in this game is Be Yourself for R$ 20.

You may want to know how to get all Infinity Stones in this game. You are able to watch a video of Premiumsalad RBLX entitled [Badges] How To Get All Infinity Stones in I Don’t Feel So Good Simulator [Roblox]. This video was uploaded on December 27th, 2018 and it has been watched more than 322K times. As you can see in the video that if you want to get time stone, you have to follow where he is. Then, you will go to the trapdoor and type “thanos trapdoor” in the chat to open it. Then, you will go to a dark area and then you will find it. Watch the video until the end to know how to get all the stones.

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