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Roblox Studio Online is the name of the development program offering the assortment of coding and building the tools. This one was developed by Roblox for developing games for Roblox. Roblox Studio Online is useful tool that can help the players.

There are some menus in Roblox Studio Online. All of them are divided into File, Home, Model, Terrain, Plugins, View, Test, and Publishing. In File category, there are New Place (It is used to open the new place), Open Place (It is used to open the existing place on your computer. You can do it by browsing to your place, clicking on it, and then clicking “Open”), Close Place (It is used to close the current open place), Save (It is used to save the current open place. Apparently, it will request for the location if the place does not have the definite location on your computer), Save As (It is used to save the current open space, but will always request for the location), Publisho Roblox (After clicking this one, please select the place to update), Save Selection as Model (This one allows you to save the currently selected blocks onto your computer. It also will request for location), Publish Selection as Model (It will allow you to publish the currently selected blocks that are free model on the website of Roblox, or will replace the existing model with your selection), Print (It is used to print what is displayed on the screen at the printer of the choice), Print Preview (It is used to preview what is displayed on the screen), Print Setup (It adjusts the settings for the printing from Roblox), Recently accessed places (It is used to open the recently opened places), and Exit (It is used to exit Roblox).

In Home category, there are Select to select the part or model (remember that the very huge parts cannot be moved), Moves a part/model (as a note, it can only move in 6 preset directions), Scale to resize parts only (can only scale in 6 preset directions), Rotate to rotate a part, and Transform to combines all tools above.

In Model category, there are Select, Moves a part/model, Scale, Rotate, Transform, Anchor, Color, and Material. In Surface category, there are Smooth, Glue, Weld, Stud, Inlet, Universal, Hinge, and Motor. In Terrain category, there are Generate, Add, Subtract, Paint, Grow, Erode, Smooth, and Regions.

For Plugin category, it is used to manage plugins and access plugin tools. This tool is a very good tool to help out while you are creating the game so you will not have to start from scratch. In View category, there are some things such as Toolbox, Explorer, Properties, Output, and Shortcuts.

Aside from the things explained above, there is also a thing called Team Create. This one is the name of the feature in Roblox which allows the user to build on Roblox Studio if address to the list by the owner of the game. Apparently, the tool hat was released on April 13, 2016 is the replacement of personal servers.

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