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There are two Roblox Survival pre alpha testing games on Roblox. The first one was created by Fallen_Orbs on September 18, 2016 and the second one was created by Saraloveschoku on July 25, 2016. The one by Fallen_Orbs has the place that is work in process. It is said that you can expect the glitches and the other problems.

The creator will be making several games with the animals of different regions of the world. There are many cute animal morphs in the game by Saraloveschoku, including ponds, rocks, water falls, the jungle, trees, and many more. The creator provides the hat remover and the claw giver so you can fight.

Roblox Survival pre alpha testing is known as the pre-release activity and one of the kinds of acceptance testing. In this one, the testing activity is carried out in the much controlled manner and it is not accessible by the end users or market. Apparently, the newly developed product like Roblox Survival undergoes the alpha testing in the testing environment. The thing called testing is carried out in order to simulate the real time behavior to match the usage of the product by the end users in the market.

Furthermore about alpha testing, the term “alpha testing” is usually used to call the methodology to assess the quality and stability of the product under test in the testing environment. Mainly, the phase focuses on uncover show stopper or major bugs, usability issues, feature gaps, and compatibility or inter operability issues. The feedback from the team that involved in the process of the alpha test will be gathered in order to evaluate the quality and the stability of the product, and any suggestions in order to improve the product are considered.

The pre alpha testing for Roblox Survival is always important for the products that are planned to undergo beta testing. There are some reasons behind conducting the test. First, there are bugs directly coming from the later phases leave the bad remark on the product and the reputation is lost on the organization that developed the product. Aside from that, those bugs cause the delay in the production launch, so more effort is needed in fixing them all. Second, encourage different aspects within the organization in order to use the product and experience it. The players are also encouraged to provide feedback, suggestions in order to improve the product which usually helps to increase the quality of the product. Third, as the stage will capture the next concerns that end users have, the creator can build the strong support system for the product right after the production launch. Fourth, there are feature gaps that can be covered or planned for the subsequent releases.

When is Roblox Survival pre alpha testing done? Usually, this test occurs right after the system testing phase or during the system testing when the product is 70% until 90% complete. It means that it will be done before the best testing phase.

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