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Roblox Teapot Turret is the name of the hat. This one was originally published into the Roblox Catalog by clockwork on June 10, 2007. 9 years later, on August 2, 2016 for exact, the ownership of this item was moved to the Roblox account. This one can only be obtained by the administrators and the select users. As per May 17, 2019, this hat has been favorited 14m879 times.

How is the appearance of Roblox Teapot Turret hat and what is the function of it? It is stated that Roblox Teapot Turret hat cannot be seen on your head in game. This one grows to incredible size and floats around the stage. The hat comes with the teapot launcher, the gravity hammer, the string of balefire, the column generator, and the few other tools. Unfortunately, some of the tools are currently broken due to the new scripting updates and lack of maintainance on the part of the turret. Roblox Teapot Turret hat is one of the few hats that gives the user tools upon being worn, although only those who are authorized in the scripts can use its tools.

Apparently, all the tools that are given when you wear the hat are Fire Shield, Katon Goukakyou No Jutsu, Spinfire, and Gravity Hammer. Please take a note that the player using the turret is not affected by the explosions. Aside from that, the explosions can kill players, even when they are protected from the thing called Forefields.

This paragraph consists of the information about the tools mentioned above. Fire Shield can creates the shield of the explotions around you. Every player will only get killed from the explotions, so trying to be near to someone will not kill them. Katon Goukakyou No Jutsu or Fire Style: Fire Jutsu, can create the explosion line that plays “Katon! Goukakyou No Jutsu!”. For those who do knot know, this clip is from the anime named Naruto and spoken by the character named Sasuke Uchiha. Spinfire can make the single explosion over the head of the player with the Rocket whoosh 01.wav sound. This one can kill the players in close proximity. Gravity Hammer spawns separately with the teapot turret. This one is able to launch players far away, possibly killing them. You can try to get this hammer without the turret will kill the player.

How to obtain Roblox Teapot Turret hat in the game? In the game with certain admin commands, you are able to use the “hat” command along with the ID of the Roblox Teapot Turret hat to obtain the hat.

As stated before, on August 2, 2016 for exact, the ownership of this item was moved to the Roblox account. According to the official page of Teapot Turret on Wiki, this one has only been obtained by Clockwork, Matt Dusek, FFJosh, Shedletsky, effward, PolyHex, Tone, and FoxCrab. Aside from that, there is also the added owner named XSCENEX who is wearing the hat but somehow does not appear on the owner list.

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