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Roblox the Rake Wiki consists of the description, the gameplay, the characters, and the locations of the Rake. Roblox the Rake is the name of the Roblox game created by RVVZ. It is in which you have to survive the Rake, a tall, grey humanoid creepypasta character.

Roblox the Rake contains 3 gamemodes, excluding Daytime. According to the official page of Roblox the Rake on Wiki, the Rake and also the appearance of the game’s interiors will change. Everything depend on which Gamemode is currently active.

At the Nighttime, the Rake will spawn. This one will turn to be very dark, causing every player to barely be able to see without the Flashlight seeing nothing at all. at the beginning of Nighttime, there will be the screen message pop up, saying “Survive The Night”.

In the Nightmare Mode, the surroundings and fog will show up in the green coloration. A thing called the soundscape will change to more horrific noise and the Rake will appear with green glowing eyes and different noises. The text that usually shows up will change from “Survive The Night” to “His Vision Evolves”, followed by the strange sounds of the guy screaming and the chorus of men quickly and repeatedly saying “Huh”.

In Blood Hour, the surroundings and fog will show up in the blood red coloration. This time,the soundscape will turn into rather eerie manner, including intense music, breathing, and horrific screaming from the Rake which will occur with the pair of red glowing eyes instead of the normal white glow.

There are several characters in Roblox the Rake. the first one is the Rake itself which possessed the alien like body, long, sharp predator like claws and white glowing eyes. There is also the Nightmare Mode Rake which is similar to he normal one, except for the usual green glowing eyes. The second one is the dead bodies that can be found when walking through the forest. Usually, they are killed by the Rake, even though there are possibilities of another cause of death such as starvation, burning to death, or similar. The third one is underground lab creatures that are located in the secret Underground Laboratory, which is assumed to be located below the Lab.

In that place, the player will meet two humanoid creatures which one of them assumingsly being the Rake. Those characters look similar in appearance with the left one being smaller in height. The fourth one is player. Once you join the game, the game will select the random character appearance for a player. When it comes to the appearance, these can vary. A lot of those possess in the military look. In addition, there will be a name shown upon hovering the mouse cursor over the body of the characters.

Throughout Roblox the Rake, the player will meet several different places. All the places include the forest, the observation tower, the shop, the campsite or the project base, the cemetery, the cave f the Rake, the crashed bus, the broken car, the lab, the underground lab, and the power plant.

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