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Are you a game creator? If you are a game creator, coming to this site to read this article is a good decision. In this article, we are going to discuss about one of the things that can make your game popular. What is it? It is thumbnail.

If you have made a game in Roblox, do you use default thumbnail or custom thumbnail? If you want to attract more people so that they will click on Play button on your game, it is better for you to make thumbnails by yourself. As we know that a game thumbnail will be used to help advertise a game, announce updates and also showcase game features. So, you need to use a great thumbnail. There are several things that you have to concern when you make thumbnails for your game in Roblox.

  • Make the best use of color. You can use the brighter colors so that you will get the more chance of having a stand out thumbnail. But, don’t go to overboard because it will make the thumbnail look gaudy and cheap.
  • Use right saturation. Remember that if you use high saturation colors, it can make a game thumbnail look dream-like but lower saturation will look more somber tone.
  • You have to show your game thumbnails in its most brilliant, viewable state. Images with low contrast will look washed out but the images with excessive contrast will look fake and unattractive.

Talk about thumbnail, another thing that you have to note is about the size. The images that you can use as thumbnails are images with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 so that it displays nicely across all platforms such as mobile, computer and Xbox. Then, the format must be .png or .jpg but .png is recommended. You have to know that you will be required to pay 10 Robux per upload if you upload an image in Roblox.

In Roblox, you are able to add a custom thumbnail by using the auto-generated image from the game itself. This choice is free and it is able to be used to let the environment of the game speak for itself. If you want to use an auto-generated image, you have to choose Auto Generated Image from the menu on the right. Then, click on Set Thumbnail. You have to note that it will take a screenshot of your game. You also have to send the shot to moderation for review and then it will need to move the camera in Studio.

There is also another method of setting a thumbnail namely uploading an image file. To do this, you have to choose Image from the right menu and then click on Choose File to choose a local file to upload. After that, choose Upload Image to submit the image for review. If the image passes moderation, it is able to be used as a thumbnail for its game. Conditions of the size and cost of uploading an image are as described previously.

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