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As a Roblox user, you surely know that Roblox sells Roblox toys. The toys can be bought in the form of characters, game packs, vehicles or playsets. To create these toys, Roblox has cooperated with Jazwares company. The toys are inspired by you, the citizens of Robloxia. You are able to find some popular characters in Roblox that are made into toys.

The toys can be purchased offline and online. There are a number of shops which sells Roblox toys including Best Buy, BI Mart, Cracker Holdings, Amazon, Game Stop, Value Drug, Kmart, Target, Hot Topic, True Value Stores, Toys R Us, CVS, Lotte Mart and some other shops. If you want to get to know more shops which sell Roblox toys, it is better for you to visit the website of in the “Where to Buy” menu.

When you buy this toy, you will receive a code that you are able to redeem to get a virtual item. Even some lucky buyers can get an additional Chaser code to unlock a bonus and a very rare virtual item. It is fun to get the exclusive virtual item. So, when you buy Roblox toys, do not forget to check the code and then redeem it to get the exclusive virtual item. If this is your first time in redeeming code, it means that you need a tutorial to do that. Redeeming can be done in the redeem page. Follow the instructions below to redeem the code.

  • First, you need to find the code. If the code is covered, you need to scratch off the covering gently.
  • Next, you have to make sure that you log in to your Roblox account first on which you want to redeem the code.
  • After that, you go to the Toy Code Redemption Page.
  • It that page, you are able to enter the code in the Enter Toy Code box.
  • Next step is to click on the Redeem button.
  • Now, you are able to check out your exclusive item in the inventory of your account. To find the item, make sure to check the right inventory category.

Note that an account is only able to receive each toy’s virtual item once. If you own a code for a virtual item that your account already has, it is better to share the code with another user.

In Roblox toys, you are able to discover a lot of characters, game packs and playsets. Some of them are as follows.

  • Apocalypse Rising 4×4. This is vehicles.
  • Neverland Lagoon: Crown Collector. This is a core figure.
  • Mad Games: Adam. This is core figure.
  • Royale High School: Enchantress. This is a core figure.
  • Mystery Figures Series 1. This is a Mystery Figures.
  • The Plaza: Jet Skiers. This is a game pack.
  • Stylz Salon & Spa: Make up. This is a mix and match sets.
  • Heroes of Robloxia. This is a playsets.
  • The Golden Bloxy Award. This is a core figure.

So, what toys do you want to buy? Go to the shop now and grab the toy and the code as well. Then, get the exclusive item in your inventory by redeeming the code.

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