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In this page, we are going to share some Roblox Web APIs. For those who are looking for information about Roblox Web APIs, so you are able to read this entire article. We think that this is an important thing that you need to know as a Roblox player.

If you search information about Roblox Web APIs from your choice browser, then there you are going to get some results regarding that. Apparently, there are many websites that provide information about Roblox Website APIs. But, now you do not need to go to those websites because here in the text below, you are going to get information related Roblox Web APIs. Here is a list of Roblox Web APIs.

  • All endpoints for an account or user settings.
  • It is an ads configuration endpoints.
  • This is one of Roblox Web APIs and as miscellaneous endpoints.
  • This website is a serves asset content.
  • All endpoints which tamper with authentication sessions.
  • Endpoints relating to the customization of user avatars.
  • Endpoints for the badges and badge awards management.
  • The real money transactions and then interaction.
  • This is the catalog items searching and browsing . The content and user based catalog items recommendations.
  • It describe that all chat and party related endpoints.
  • It used by lots of Roblox clients to retrieve configuration information
  • It is the game development configuration endpoints
  • It establishes follow relationship between the subscriber entities such as the users, groups, etc and the source entities such as the games, groups, assets, etc.)
  • This is one of Roblox Web APIs. On that site, you can find friends, followers, and contacts management.
  • It manages the internationalization of the games such as translating in content of game.
  • All endpoints around launching the game.
  • All endpoints for the game discovery, and more details.
  • All endpoints for the in-game data store system to store data for the games.
  • It is the groups and clans management.
  • All endpoints to view the ownership of items (but not granting).
  • The user locale management. You can check it out.
  • It is a site where all notification stream endpoints.
  • You have to know that this is a web API for the in-game PointsService.
  • All endpoints for managing presence.
  • Those all endpoints handling the file uploads.
  • This is a site has high volume text filtering
  • Endpoints to request the thumbnails
  • It manages translation roles of the developers in game localization.

Well, the text above is some Roblox Web APIs. Actually, there are still many other Roblox Web APIs that you can find on Roblox website. If you want to get more Roblox Web APIs, so you are able to visit the page of list of web APIs on Roblox Wikia.

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