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Roblox Zombie Rush is a shooter game on Roblox which developed by Beacon Studios. Formerly, it is Zombie Tsunami. This game of Roblox Zombie Rush involves the players who are defending against the hordes of zombies in different locations, such as the space stations and the forests. You have to know that Roblox Zombie Rush set in post-apocalyptic times.

Then, the goal of Roblox Zombie Rush game is to survive as long as possible before game over. To can survive, the players have to kill the number of zombies or skeletons which needed to continue on to the next wave. It need about 150 seconds in passing a wave. If you as the player can’t kill enough zombies within 150 seconds, the game will over.

On the game of Roblox Zombie Rush, the Zombies are the main antagonists and attempt to kill the players. Z-Players are especially dangerous. The weapons given to the players who respawn as the Zombies have a far reach and a high damage. If the players die, they are going to respawn in the lobby of the game where they are able to wait for the next wave (usually 3 waves) to respawn into the game. In this case, the players can also become a Z-Player and hunt down living players.

There are several types of Zombies. Let us see those lists in the text below.

1. Normal

The first type of Zombies is normal Zombies. They have the least amount of health. The normal Zombie provides the least concern. You have to know that the normal zombies have grime coloured skin and have a light brown torso and legs.

2. Silver

The silver Zombies are stronger than the normal Zombies. But, they do not pose a threat. Silver Zombies have white arms and head, and they have a grey body and legs.

3. Gold

The gold Zombies are stronger than the Silver Zombies. They have honey colored arms and head. Besides, the gold Zombies have a yellow body and legs.

4. Ruby

It is the easiest of the Gem Zombies. The Ruby Zombies can pose a threat but they killed with Sniper easily. If you look at that their bodies, you can see that they have a red-orange body and legs.

5. Sapphire

The Sapphire Zombies are the Gem Zombie. They are able to pose a real threat. The Sapphire Zombies have a light blue body and legs. They also have blue arms and head.

6. Emerald

The Emerald Zombies are the last Gem Zombie. They can pose a real threat and have a green body and legs.

7. Diamond

This Diamond Zombie is rarer and stronger than Sapphire Zombie. They can become brutal and hard to kill. Diamond Zombies have white-blue arms, head and legs, and a grey-blue body.

8. Obsidian

It is the third strongest Zombie in the game of Roblox Zombie Rush. They provide many experience points. The Obsidian Zombie has a dark grey body and legs.

9. Amethyst

The Amethyst Zombies are extremely hard to kill, but they provide many experience Points. They have an indigo body.

10. Phantom

They are the hardest Zombies in Zombie Rush. They have the most health, but provide the most experience points and they are also recommended for leveling up.

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