Robloxian High School Codes for Girls

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Robloxian High School is one of popular games in Roblox. Even though this games is almost similar with Roblox High School by Cindering and as a results this game get critics because of it, but a lot of people like playing this game.

Robloxian HIgh School is a high school roleplaying game which was created by Robloxian High School Group on June 30th, 206. Until now, this game has been visited by more than 643 million people. It also has more than 3.2 million people and more than 690,000 likes. The genre of this game is Town and City and 30 people can play this game in a server.

In this game, the Robloxian Highschool is not just ordinary school but you are able to take a dive with hang-gliders, show off your break dancing at nightclub Club manta or even customize your avatar with more than 9000 items to select from the Avatar Editor.

Talk about customizing avatar, there are a lot of outfits that can be worn by your avatar so that your avatar can look cool and awesome. If you want to hang out with friends or do other activities, you surely want to wear different outfit. So, you are able to do that to your avatar in Robloxian HIghSchool.

Here, we have some codes for girl outfits in Robloxian High School.

  •  1037373871 for black lace top with shorts
  • 1141907230 for white top, shorts and choker
  • 941807712 for red shirt with jean overalls and fishnets
  • 936281406 for black Adidas shorts
  • 699034433 for pinkish crop top sweat shirt
  • 1060714877 for blue ripped jean shorts
  • 1069252238 for a grey t-shirt with long sleeves
  • 1123110915 for Gucci sleeveless t-shirt with a shirt around hips
  • 1160525042 for jeans with a black top
  • 106567509 for pinkish top
  • 1223388538 for a sleeveless top with ‘Satan is Waitin’ words in front of it and a shirt around her hips
  • 1731074175 for red top and ripped jeans
  • 1730575744 for black top and red pants
  • 1044313775 for pink top and black pants
  • 1214600275 for Supreme red top and black trousers

You are able to enter the code one by one to see the outfits and then decide which outfits that you want to wear now for your avatar. When you have entered the codes, make sure that you press Enter after it and then press Wear button.

You are able to make your avatar wear the different outfit based on the event that she wants to do. For example, if now you avatar wants to hang out, you can make her wear a cool outfit such as Gucci sleeveless top with a shirt around her hips. Then, when she wants to do another thing, you can change her outfit again with another outfit for example white top, shorts and choker. Make your avatar stylish so that she will be look good and beautiful. Also, it will make other players like you and want to hang out with you.

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