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Robloxian Highschool is one of games in Roblox which is included in popular games in that platform. This game was created by Robloxian High School Group. In this game, you are able to explore the school, attend interactive classes and socialize with your friends. You also need to know that it is not just your ordinary school, but you are able to take a dive with hang-gliders, show of your break-dancing skills at the nightclub ‘Club Manta’ or customize your avatar with more than 9000 items to select from in its Avatar Editor.

Robloxian Highschool was created on June 30, 2016. Each server can be played until 25 maximum players. This game is categorized into town and city games and now it has been visited more than 605 million times with more than 3,000,000 favorites and more than 600,000 likes. Several badges can be obtained in this game including First Join, Group Member, First Day, Fifth Day, Follower, Followed, Detention, Jailer, Eagle Eye, This is not a drill, and Hookie.

Besides, this game also has passes that you can buy including DJ Access for R$ 499, Principal Power for R$ 699, Chat Options for R$ 99, VIP for R$ 149, Advanced Vehicle Tuning for R$ 349, Radio for R$ 499, Musical Instrument for R$ 99, Supercar Pack for R$ 1499, Luxury Yacht for R$ 1499, Party Powers for R$ 299, Helicopter for R$ 399, Blimp for R$ 999, MEGA Starter Pack for R$ 999, Flying Broom for R$ 99, and Accessory Coloring for R$ 99.

In this game, you are able to use codes to get coins. On February 14th, 2019, the developer announce the code “HEARTSFORALL” for getting free 250 coins. Alongside this code, the developer also did an update for Valentines Day including Gift Flowers to your secret admirers, Heart Balloons, and 20% more coins when you buy coins. On February 9th, 2019 the developer releases License Plates in the game and also you can use code “FREEPLATES” for getting 250 in-game coins. On February 3rd, 2019, the developer release the update including Velocity Hypercar, Improved car customization, and RHS Customs is open.

Then, they also announce the code “SRY4BEINGLATE” for getting 301 in-game coins. On February 2nd, they announce the code “HADTOWAITBUTIGOT300COINS” for getting 300 in-game coins. On January 26th, 2019, they also announced the code “MANYFIXES” so that you are able to get 350 in-game coins. On January 19th, 2019, they announced the update including Revamped Accessory Tuning menu, new HAIRS and FACES to buy, new and beautiful HUD buttons, and some avatar editor bug fixes. Alongside this update, the developer also announced the code “TIMETOTUNE” so that you are able to get 300 in-game coins. On January 19th, 2019, the developer announced code “EARLYBIRDGETSTHEWORM” for 350 in game coins but it was only valid until January 19th, 2019 at 9:30 AM PST.

Well, if you want to know more codes and you do not want to miss any code that is announced by the developer of Robloxian High School, it is better for you to follow the twitter account of RedManta which is the developer of Robloxian Highschool @RedMantaStudio.

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