Rocitizens Money Glitch

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The game of Rocitizens is one of games which has Town and City genre. It was created by Firebrand1 on December 2013. Formerly, it named as RoSims. Actually the game of Roitizens is a game about you. Then, it has motto, “Your Story, Your Game”. Roblox Rocitizens is a social game with no clear objective. On this game, you are able to get a job.

Besides, you can also buy a house and furniture. For your information, The game of Rocitizens is based on The Sims by Electronic Arts. We are able to say that it is very similar to the game of Welcome to the Town of Robloxia that was created by 1dev2. Currently, the game of Rocitizens has places visit around 113,250,000.

As far now, there are lots of people who like playing Rocitizens game. Talking about Roblox Rocitizens, it cannot separated with the scripts, codes and money Glitch. We are sure that you come to this page to get the information about Rocitizens Money Glitch tutorial. You have came to the right page, here in this article we are going to share its tutorial. When you search for Rocitizens Money Glitch, you may will find some results regarding Rocitizens Money Glitch.

To make you easier in finding a tutorial of money glitch on the game of Rocitizens, so you are able to see its explanation below.

Here is a tutorial of Rocitizens Money Glitch:

Step 1: You have to find a place to put your house. Please do not spawn it yet.

Step 2: After that, you have to stand close to the sign and click on it.

Step 3: Please memorize where the “claim” button is.

Step 4: In this step, you have to reset your character. As soon as you do that, then it is going to say “Rocitizens”.

Step 5: After you have already clicked reset, you are able to wait a full six seconds before clicking the bottom half of the “C” in “Rocitizens”.

Step 6: You have to check your phone and click “house” once you spawn. In this case, if it says “none”, then you did it right. Then, if it says you have a house, so do it again.

Step 7: if it worked, then your house is going to be there, but it will say you do not have a house. If this is the case, so you need to find another opening for a house and spawn another house.

Step 8: Now, you have to go to the first house which you spawned and store every item.

Step 9: Of course, it is your choice if you want to sell those items. But you have to be careful from you place those items in your actual house and do this glitch again, then you are going to get more money.

Well, the text above is a tutorial of Rocitizens Money Glitch. We think that you are able to follow all steps easily. For note: You can only do this money glitch once each server.

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