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There is a game named Counter Blox: Remastered on the biggest platform called Roblox. This game is inspiration of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Based on the research, it is a FPS game that was made by the Rolve Community on September 28, 2015. Then, it was re-mastered on July 30, 2018. In this time, the game of Counter Blox: Remastered has visit place around 279M times.

For your information, the game is able to play by maximum 14 users in a server. Talking about Counter Blox: Remastered by the Rolve Community, in this opportunity we are going to share about the codes of the game. For those who want to know Rolve codes, so you are able to read following text.

The first Rolve code is SHOOTSHOOT. If you redeem that code, so you are able to get imagine case as reward. The second code is ILOVECB. For those who redeem that code, then you are going to get 25 funds or credit. The third code is GOODTIMES. You will get knife as you reward after you redeem that code. The fourth code is HOT, for those who redeem that code, you are able to get reward 100 funds. Other code is SPOOK. After you redeem that code, then you are going to get Halloween 2018 case as the reward. The last code is holiday18.

For those who redeem that code, then you are going to get 150 funds. Now, you have known all codes. So, you are able to try to redeem those codes. For note; the code is only can use once. If you will redeem those codes, make sure that those codes are still available to redeem.

As we said before that the game of Counter Blox was created by the Rolve Community. Apparently, there is also a group named Rolve Community by DevRolve. Currently, Rolve Community group has more 271K members. For your information, Rolve is a development team that was created in 2013 for making games on Roblox. Constantly, the collaborative effort is created once they make the games. There is a goal of Rolve Community group. It is to effectively satisfy all fans and users of their games in order to everyone is able to have as much fun as possible.

In this case, if you are one of Counter Blox players, so it is going to be better for you to join with Rolve Community group. You have to know that there is an official twitter of Rolve Community group. You are able to visit ROLVe Twitter: to talk anything about their main projects. Besides you can get the information about the game of Counter Blox, you can also communicate with them better.

By the way, how to get other Rolve codes? Actually, you are able to get its information by visiting the official twitter of Rolve Community. Usually, on twitter, they also update the codes of the game. So, for those who want to keep update the codes of the game, you need to follow their official twitter.

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