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There are lots of Roblox players who also become the Youtubers. Some of them are Ronald who has YouTube channel named Ronaldomg. If you check on Ronaldomg Youtube channel, you are able to see that currently Ronaldomg channel has 2,233,797 subscribers. By the way, do you ever visit Ronaldomg channel? If you never visit it and are curious with his channel, so you are able to visit Ronaldomg channel now.

Talking about Ronaldomg Youtube channel, you will inform you that there are many videos show about the game play of Welcome to Bloxburg. We are able to say that Ronald is one of Bloxburg players.

So, it is not strange if you find lot of videos show about Welcome to Bloxburg on his channel YouTube. Some videos are “My real house in Welcome to Bloxburg”, “Roblox Bloxburg Halloween update”, “An Awesome Bloxburg house”, “Welcome to Bloxburg Roblox”, Let us Party in Roblox Bloxburg” and still many other videos show about the game play of Welcome to Bloxburg. In this case, if you are curious with Ronaldomg Youtube channel, so we suggest you to visit that channel and find the video of Bloxburg game.

There is e video entitled “An Awesome Bloxburg house” that was publisher by Ronaldomg on March 13, 2017. Currently, that video has 720,897 views. On that video, Ronald try to make an awesome Bloxburg house. Apparently, in making an awesome Bloxburg house, he use good building ideas for Bloxburg include general and specific building tips for Bloxburg house.

As we know that there are some general building tips for Bloxburg such as using blueprinting, changing the placement grid and watching YouTube. On the video, he try to use the blueprinting and change his placement grid. Besides that, he also said that he always watching YouTube of the good builders to get some references in making Bloxburg house.

In addition, here in this page, we are going to talk a little bit about Ronald. For your information, Ronald was born in Canada on September 5th, 2008. As we know that he is one of Roblox players who becomes popular on YouTube. Today he has 2,233,797 subscribers. Besides like playing the game of Welcome to Bloxburg, actually Ronald also like playing the game of Roblox Minecraft.

Based on the research, Ronald was uploaded his first video on his channel YouTube, Ronaldomg in February 2016. That video entitled “Roblox Mineraft: Bloodiest Night – Kids learning how to play Survival Mode”. Then, there is one of his most watched videos, it is a video entitled “Part of the Murder Mystery Roblox”. For the latest videos that was uploaded by Ronald on RonaldOMG channel are “Season eight updates and the new cannon” that was published one day ago. Now, let us visit the channel of Ronaldomg and find lots of popular video of Roblox Bloxburg. The last, we will inform you that there are some popular videos such as “How to Escape the Giant Fat Guy Obby” with 11 million views, and “Basement Door Almost Opened” with 17 million views.

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