Super Hero Life 3 Codes

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Super Hero Life 3 which is also more known as SHL 3, can be described as the newest and third game in the Super Hero Life series. This one was available as of December 20 for 150 R$ and publicly released on December 25, 2018.

Previously, SHL or Super Hero Life had a very large map. However, this one was downsized in the recent update in order to decrease the memory usage. The Super Hero Life 2 or SHL 2 is often referenced in the billboards. Usually, billboards includes Chad Miller (Red Rage), and the billboards have The Enforcer, Light Void, and so on.

The good news is that the full outfit system is back from Super Hero Life 1, but with the different designs and the choice to have the designs on the different body parts. Apparently, there is the new superpower named Minigun. This one shoots the neon yellow cuboids at the decent accuracy, dealing heavy damage. The creator of the Super Hero Life series named CJ_Oyer has said that the old moves such as Super Speed have been modified.

Now, Super Speed has the bluer depending on the primary and secondary color. In addition, the new map has Syndicorp, school, hospital, HQ, prison, apartments, and the cemetery.

Just like any other Roblox games, there are a thing called Super Hero Life 3 code. The code is the piece of the text that can be redeemed for the special item. Please keep in mind that they are only given out by the creator of the game. It means if you see some random thing of Super Hero Life 3 code, make sure to verify it first by checking out the official Twitter of CJ_Oyer. If it is invalid, then you do not have to use it as it will not give you anything.

The only code related to Super Hero Life 3 that you can find is 6235. This one is the code to the secret room in SHL 3. According to the official Twitter of CJ_Oyer, the room is located under the grey building. This one is along the rim, has a door, and it is the grey concrete building.

There might be the other codes for Super Hero Life 3 in the future. In this case, please keep updating the information by following the Twitter account of CJ_Oyer. If you have any question, you can just mention him or send him a Direct Message. For further information about about the Super Hero Life 3 in general, you can visit the official page of Super Hero Life 3 or SHL 3 on Wiki.

It is such a good source that you can get. In order to expand your knowledge, it is better for you to join the Roblox community of Super Hero Life 3 or the community of Super Hero Life series. By joining this kind of community, you will get the chance to interact and discuss everything about Super Hero Life with the members of the community.

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