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As we know that in Roblox, you are able to customize your outfit. You can be whatever it looks. You may want it look neat like a doctor, employee, teacher, or you can also make it look mysterious like wearing helmet, glasses and more.

If you play games Roblox High School, you may also want your avatar wear something that is suitable with its role. For example, if your avatar become a student, then you may want your avatar wearing uniforms and then cool outfits in other locations. Then, what should we wear if we are a teacher in Roblox High School? Here, we have some codes for teacher outfits that can be your inspiration.

    • Female Teacher Dress by snowloepardpawz. The price of the outfit is R$ 5. The code of this outfit is 480371364.
    • Teacher Outfit by BritannicLegacy. The code is 403197265. But now, this outfit seems not for sale.

Your avatar can also wear a combination of this:

      • 376548738 for hat 1
      • 11884330 for hat 2
      • 682498993 for shirt
      • 109908090 for pants
      • 31117267 for face

If you think that you have a good idea of creating a new teacher outfit, you can make it and then sell it so that you will get Robux and other players can buy it from you and wear it for their avatar. You can also see some inspiration of teacher outfit from the video of Youtube or by talking with other Roblox High School players. You can ask them what kind of teacher outfit that they want and then you can create it and then sell it for Robux.

Now, how much do you know about Roblox High School? This game is a town and city game which is created by Cindering. Until now, this game has been visited more than 553 million times. The groups of this game named Roblox High School: Fan Club is also a big group with 3 million members. This game takes place in a small town featuring places such as stores, club, restaurants and other locations. You are able to earn money and purchase items such as gear, cars, pets and more.

In the game, there are 8 teams and those include principal, teacher/ staff, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, cheerleaders and athletes. This game is not only a high school but also a fine town. It has some locations such as swimming pools, dance clubs, and even cabins for camping. You are able to buy your own houses with money, and you can also rent a cabin and apartment.

In this game, there are several badges that you can achieve such as Studios by playing it of 5 hours, High Honor for one day of total playtime, Valedictorian for 3 days of total playtime, Welcome to Roblox High School for attending your first day at Roblox High School and To The Mines for visiting secret portal that teleports you out of Roblox High School and into another one of the creations of Cindering.

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