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Roblox is a platform of online games and it has millions users around the world. Are you one of the Roblox users? If yes, how long have you been a Roblox user? Then, during you join with Roblox, have you ever heard about Team C00lkids? Well, if you are veteran in this online gaming platform, this thing must be familiar for you. But, if you are a newbie, maybe this thing is something new and you have no clue about it. Do not be worried, we are going to give you some information about Team c00lkidd.

C00lkidd was the alt of user of Roblox. What is his Roblox user name? The Roblox name is 007n7. Then, who is he? He is an exploiter and he created an exploiting group called “Team c00lkidd”. He is presumed to own developed the “c00lkidd gui”. What is it? It is a script frequently used by himself and other exploiters to fly, increase walkspeed and to enter assets into an infected server. People believe that he has exploited into a lot of popular game servers and it includes Natural Disaster Survival and Work at a Pizza Place. Then, it becomes speculated that all players who joined his group are banned at the time of his termination. Then, it is known that he is someone who creates the most new exploiting groups and it includes the banned “Team LeeZ” who has the similar agenda of team c00lkidd. He is still be able to be found to this day playing with another name, “Mussuk”. For you information, team c00lkidd is still alive under three groups namely –cK2- Team c00lkidd 2, team c00lkidd 2, and team c00lkidd 3. –cK2- Team c00lkidd 2 has 1405 members, team c00lkidd 2 has 194 members and team c00lkidd 3 has 10 members. But now, the owner of team c00lkidd is Pandora which on Roblox you can find him as PandoraIV and the leader or co-owner of this group is LEETcyanide and on Roblox you can find him as 007n7n77. Then, does Team LeeZ still associate with team c00lkidd? Now, Team LeeZ is not associated with it anymore.

Now, let’s find out who PandoraIV is. If you search this name on the search bar in Roblox page, you will find him. His avatar is wearing Silence face, Black Wings, Socialite, Silverthorn Antlers, Assassin Cloak of the Ninja, Rising Sun Samurai and Wings of Duality. He has 29 friends, 422 followers and follow no one. In his inventory, he has so many items such as 12th Birthday Cake Hat, Marshmallow Head, Silverthorn Antlers, Red Screen of Death, The Locksmith’s Secret, Inkwell Egg, Sherlock Gnomes, Black Panther Hat and many others. His favorite games are Veszteseg, Fentanest, Minus 3, rip ur toaster, 17th Sister’s lair, Anchored Islands, Temple of Robo, and Fragments of My Melted Past: Time. It is known that he joined Roblox since 2017 and now his place has been visited 4,454 times. Well, if you want to know more about him, you are able to visit his place and if you are interested, you are able to follow his account.

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