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Is The Rake your favorite horror game on Roblox? If the answer is yes, you surely want to know about everything about this game. Any information about this game including the items, update and more, you must be interested. But, do you know The Rake twitter?

The twitter of The Rake developer is @ZRVVZ and you are able to follow him now if you have not followed him yet. When this article is creating, the last tweet of RVVZ is on November 19th, 2018. In this tweet, he gave a link to which is a GIF. Through this twitter account, he also tweet the new updates of the game, ask opinion about the new things that he made and many other things that you will know. So, if you do not want to miss any updates of The Rake, you are able to follow this twitter account.

It is known that he has joined Twitter since August 2017. Until now, he has 459 followers, follows 4 people, and has been twitted 32 tweets. In the description, he also gives a link to his Roblox account. If you go clicking this link, you will see that he has more than 60,000 followers. So, followers in Roblox is much more than followers in Twitter. With 18 friends and 1 following, RVVZ is known joining Roblox since 7/12/2012 and his place has been visited more than 9 million times.

Are you curious about his avatar look? Now, he is wearing customisable shoes, customisable jacket, ninja climb, ninja swim, ninja jump, ninja fall, red glowing eyes, The Dark Reaper, Guardian of the Night Cape and Headless Head. How about his inventory? He has a lot of things in inventory such as Carousel Top Hat, The Dark Reaper, The Harbinger – Horrid Helmet, Warchief Mucklug – Helmet, Pumpkin Reaper – Hat, Vlad the Impaler XIII, Denver Broncos Helmet, Musica Astra Dominator, Adurite Antlers and many others. He has a lot of favorite games and some of them are Dead by Roblox, Zombie Blitz, Unit 1968: Vietnam, EYES, Dedoxed, Bullet Hell, Wanted, Sweep Squad, Island Royale, Ragdoll Combat and many more.

For group, he joins The Autism Express, Dispeller, Agent’s Projects, Maximillian, IntDew, Trade, Oasis Games, Criminality Community, and Private Swat where he is as an owner. For Roblox badges, he has a lot as well including Combat Initiation, Warrior, Friendship, Homestead, Veteran, Welcome To The Club, Bricksmith and Outrageous Builders Club. For player badges, you can see that he has RIP, Deep Through The Forest II, By The Book, Spooky Time 2018, Getting the Hang of Things and more. If you check on the creations section, you will see that he does not only create The Rake but also OOF Combat, Ice Cream, Sliding Blocks of Doom, Criminality, Extreme Velocity, NeNNy’s gARDEn, Gordon’s OOFin Kitchen, Deathbat, Attack on Guestville, The Figures and some others.

Well, if you are curious more things about him, just visit his place and find out more about him. Then, if you do not want to miss any updates about The Rake, you are also able to follow him on his twitter account @ZRVVZ.

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