Tips on How to Survive in Sharkbite

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Shark Bite can be described as the game about surviving the deadly jaws of the mega sized shark, or by chance, be the shark. As the survivor, you need to grab the weapon. This one can be purchased. Aside from that, you have also grab the boat that can be purchased as well.

In the gameplay, you have to go off to sail the deep dangerous ocean and you are able to defend you or the others from the bloodthirsty mouth of the supersized shark, if you play as the shark, you get to go around the map eating up survivors and their boats for the currency named Shark Teeth, sails up everyone and watch out for the monster.

This Shark Bite game might sound so scary for some people. However, it will be fun if you know the tips on how to survive in the game. Then, how to survive in the Shark Bite? One of the tips to survive in the game called Shark Bite is to choose the small boat. The main reason behind it is because the bigger one can attract the shark. The boats that have weapons also can help you a lot. Apparently, not all boats have weapons on them. Some that do are the Pirate Ship (Cannons, controlled by the player on its seat), the Military Boat (Frontal turret, controlled by the driver), and the Destroyer (Two turrets on either side, and one large cannot in the front, controlled by the driver).

This paragraph will inform you about the strategies that you can do on the boat. First, if you are driving your boat or moving it, the shark will get the icon that shows where you are. Second, the additional weapons boats have can be used against the shark. You can use this as the advantage. Third, when the boat is broken down, you can try to escape and hope to find the rescue. If you can please use the Rescue Flare in order to seek attention from the other survivors. Fourth, if you are being chased by the shark and it has low health, you can try to quickly jump out of the boat while it is still moving. This action will distract the shark and give you precious time to shoot it down and win the match. Fifth, the most coveted boat is called Destroyer. This one is big, so it will get more attention from the shark. Sixth, if the shark has bitten the boat, you can try to go to the hiding spot where the shark cannot see you. As the alternative, you can stand or swim to the safe hiding spot if you have the ducky float. Seventh, if you are still in danger, then you can shoot the shark with the Ray Gun or your best gun. Eighth, boats are very useful, since if you have enough seating, the entire server can use the same boat. Those are all the tips that you can try.

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