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There are a lot of Youtubers who become popular because they upload videos about games. The videos can be about the gameplay of a game, a hack or exploit of a game, a glitch of a game, a tutorial of paying a game, tips and trick in playing certain games, review a game and many more. From all Youtubers whose content is about game, who do you know? Do you know Trymacs?

Trymacs is one of Youtubers and he is one of the biggest newcomers to the German Youtube scene. he can grow his channel to more than 900,000 subscribers in just two years. Do you know what is the secret of why he can be a successful Youtuber? He has entertaining content and original strategies. So, if you also want to be a Youtuber, make sure that you have these two things.

Trymacs has a very close relationship to his community and regularly he organizes Fortnite tournaments with huge media search. During these events, he often become Germany’s biggest streamer on Twich. If you like him, you are able to subscribe his channel named Trymacs. If you check to his Youtube channel now, he joined Youtube since March 14, 2016 and now it has more than 465 million views. Now, he has more than 1.2 million viewers. The videos that you are able to watch in his Youtube channel are JEDER VERSUCHT SEIN GLUCK! | Lost eSports Bewerbungen mit Rewi auswerten!, UPDATE IST DA! | So lange drauf gewarter! | Satisfactory, SCHAFFT TRYMACS 300 PUNKTE?! | Road to Champion im Duo, KILL DICH REICH im John Wick Modus! | Kpftgeld zu echten Geld machen, Fortnite klaut ALLESS aus Apex Legends?! | Neues Update ist da!, and many more. You can also follow his Twitch account named Trymacs, his Twitter account @Trymacs_YT, his Instagram account @trymacs_yt and also his Facebook @TrymacsYT.

Does he have a Discord server? If so, what is his Discord ID? We do not get information about it but it seems that he has no Discord account so that he has no Discord ID. If we talk about Discord, you may want to know where you are able to find your User/ Server/ Message ID. You have to know that individual messages, users, and whole Discord servers have multi-digit ID number that is able to be used in various cases. While you are able to use Discord entirely without knowing any of the ID numbers, some circumstances may arise where you have to get one just in any case.

So, to find it, you have to make sure that you have developer mode enabled. For user ID, you can right click the username, for server ID you can right click the server name above the text channel list and for message ID, you can right click anywhere within the text message. In the right click menu, you will see the Copy ID option and you have to click it. If you have clicked it, you will get the message, user, or server ID copied to your clipboard. So, now you are able to check your Discord ID by following the steps that we explained above.

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