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Voodoo doll is a horror thing that usually appear in horror movie or games. Usually, Voodoo doll is used to describe a puppet into which pins are included. Voodoo doll comes in different forms, but this practice can be found in the magical traditions of many cultures across the world.

If you like something horror, you may be interested in Voodoo Doll and you want to create something about it in games. If you want to make something about Voodoo Doll in Roblox and you need the script of it, then you can visit the website of Paste Bin at pastebin.com. Have you heard about this website? Or even have you visited this website? It is a website which is a place for you to store any text online for easy sharing.

So, in this website, you can not only find scripts but also other things such lyrics and many more. This website is primarily used by programmers to store pieces of sources code or configuration information. However, anyone is more than welcome to paste ant type of text, Why is this website created? It is aimed to make it more convenient for people to share large amounts of text online. As we said earlier that this website was made to be able to help programmers.

However, you are welcome to post any type of text in this website. However, you are forbidden to post email lists, password lists or personal information. If you find this kind of post in Paste Bin, there is report abuse feature that you can use to flag such pastes and then those kind of posts will be deleted. To be able to store pastes, you have to create an account to get your own pastebin. So, you will have full control over them at any point in the future. By having your own paste bin, it is also good for sharing your pastes with other people. Your Pastebin can be both public ad private at the same time. The public pastes are visible to everybody but the private pastes are only visible to you. The maximum size of paste is 512 kilobytes. It should be enough for almost any script an it can prevent people from jamming the server of Paste Bin.

Can we find script of Voodoo Doll script? Script is a base-class instance which can hold a section of the game and you can find the Voodoo Doll script in Paste Bin. You can find some Voodoo Doll scripts and one of them is in the cut below.

1. local FavIDs = {

2. 340106355, –Nefl Crystals

3. 927529620, –Dimension

4. 876981900, –Fantasy

5. 398987889, –Ordinary Days

6. 1117396305, –Oh wait, it’s you.

7. 885996042, –Action Winter Journey

8. 919231299, –Sprawling Idiot Effigy

9. 743466274, –Good Day Sunshine

10. 727411183, –Knife Fight

11. 1402748531, –The Earth Is Counting On You!

12. 595230126 –Robot Language

13. }

The Voodoo Doll Script above is just a cut and you can see the complete script by visiting the website of Paste Bin. You can find some scripts and you can decide which script that you will use.

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