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Wearedevs is one of the websites which is a place for you to find hack tool. There are a lot of hack tools in that site that you can download for free. Some of the tools re Gravity Switch, JJSploit v4, Multiple RBX Games, Infinite Jump, Nonsense Diamond, ESP, Jailbreak Destroyer, Skisploit, Sk8r, Future, RedBoy, Proxo, Apoc Infin Ammo, Impact, Noclip, Clicker Series, JJSploit v3, Banwave Bypass, and Blackout.

Each of the tools has different function. Nonsense Diamond can be used to exploit Jailbreak and it features an auto updater. Besides, it also includes the most commands out of all exploits. Besides being able to use for Jailbreak, it also can be used for Booga Booga, Meepcity and Phantom Forces. ESP can be used to see all players through any other object. Multiple RBX Games can be used to open as many as games as you want. This tool is created because usually people are limited to having only one game open. Apoc Infin Ammo is able to be used for game Apocalypse Rising and you are able to use this to set your gun’s magazine to hold an infinite set of rounds and shoot all that you want. Noclip is able to be used for getting the control of walking through walls or not. Even though the design is outdated but it is effective.

How about QTX? Is there that tool in this site? If you try to search this, it seems that this tool has been deleted. When you search it in the search bar of your browser and you find it in the wearedevs, when you open wearedevs, you will read a message which says that it is error.¬† Alternatively, you are able to look for this tool in the other websites. You are also able to ask about this in a forum or in a group related about hack and exploit. If you have found the QTX tool file and then¬† you do not know how to use that, you are able to watch some tutorials which you can find in Youtube. One of the video is by GamingBoy2345. The title of the video is “Roblox Hack/ QTX/ Wearedevs/ Patched/ LUA C/ BTools, TPS, Speed, Fly/ OP” and it was uploaded on January 1st 2018. In the description of the video, he also added the link to the QTX download. Unfortunately, the link which he aim is in wearedevs and it is deleted as we mentioned before. However, he gave some tips when we use the QTX tools. Those tips are:

  • You have to click the DLL Injector “needle” thing at the top of the program.
  • Then, if a command does not work, you have to make sure that you typed it right.
  • When you teleport to another player, you also have to make sure that the player has spawned.

Well, you are able to try to find the QTX tool now in other websites. Make sure that the file is safe and it does not endanger your device.

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