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When you start the game called Blob Simulator 2, there will be a blob offered if you join the group named White Hat Studios. Do you want to get the blob as well? Then you have to know more about this group. Please do not blink your eyes and keep reading this article.

White Hat Studio is the name of the group on the platform called Roblox. This one was created by RoStorage. Currently, it has more than 50k members. Those 50K users are called as “Fans”. Aside from “Fans”, there are also some other things related to this group, such as “Aswesome Fans” (38 users), “Youtuber” (1 user), “Beta Tester” (0), Moderator (1), Developer (0), Vice President (1), and President (1).

The “President” of the group named White Hat Studio is no one than “RoStorage”. The “vice President” of this group is “New_Item”. The “Moderator” is “Cloth_ngBot”. The “Youtuber” of this group is “xdarzethx”. As for the “Awesome Fans”, they consist of “vieraandre”, “hansfull”, “sawfist1”, “cam1234dr”, “crutehegon”, “bagelnana”, “squigglles”, “littlekellys2f”, “QuickTtrro”, “pandagirl12”, “Imadeonebro”, “CamaroThu”, “XxOmgltzBr”, “xXspeedybo”, “Zagemansa”, “Nichlas0803”, “Hydroren”, “colagfe”, “EmmashThe”, “accurateAm”, “jenlon111”, “jacklamott”, “superboy123”, “lopguy22”, “jammygamm”, “1020Loui”, “Remix_TheR”, “wwebvp”, escape12345”, “StryvingUrc”, “Mimilc”, “TheJackyCo”, “coolboyold”, “BeastINcarn”, “DaberSavage”, “iAMDeg”, “robin_cutie”, and “FrosteyFlam”.

As stated before, White Hat Studio has something to do with Roblox Blob Simulator 2. Actually, this one is not only about Bob Simulator 2 but Blob Simulator 1, Bunny Hunt, Present Wrapping Simulator, and so on as well. Basically, this group consists of people behind your favorite games.

This paragraph will talk about one of the games created by White Hat Studios. This one is Blob Simulator 2. Blob Simulator 2 is the name of the Blob Simulator sequel, which was also created by the same studio. This one contains of the leaderboard system, which includes Coins, Void Coins, Super Coins, and Diamonds. At the first time you start the game, you will be able to choose between two blobs, which are the blue and the pink. Similar to another game on the platform called Pet Simulator, you will need to collect the coins. you can do it by clicking on what you want your Blob to get. Aside from that, this one also has multiple levels that unlock at different amounts of currency. Here is the example. If you to get to the Level 2 or Desert, you have to gain $ 20,000 in the game.

For more information about the group named White Hat Studios, you can check it out by visiting the official website of Roblox. You just have to type “White Hat Studios” as the keyword, and the result will be shown upon hitting the Search or Enter button. If you have any question about this group and about the games produced by this group, you can try to contact the creator of the White Hat Studios named RoStorage. Aside from that, you can also try to reach the member of the group and ask them about this group.

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