Why Won’t Discord Download

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Discord offers a great solution for voice chat options gamers need to fulfill the gaming experience. However, this one is not perfect and there are quite a few errors users have to deal with in order to get this program to start properly.

There are some ways the users manager to get through the installing error that usually shows up when a new version of the tool comes out. Here is the recommendation of the methods that you can try to fix the issue.

The first option is to delete a couple of folders. Deleting some Discord folders located on the PC at particular locations is one of the great ways to temporarily fix the issue and get through the installations process without getting the errors. The process of it is really simple so please make sure to follow everything carefully. First, close Discord from running completely by quitting it from the system tray at the bottom right part of the screen and make sure there are no running processes related to it in the Task Manager. For your information, the ask Manager can be opened by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Esc key combination. Second, either click the Start button or the search button beside it and type “Run” or use the Windows Key + R key combination in order to bring up the Run dialog box. You just have to type in “%appdata%” and click Enter. Third, locate the Discord folder in the folder which opens, right click on it, and select he Delete option. Fourth, navigate back to the Run dialog box and type in “%locateappdate%”, click Enter and locate the Discord folder that should delete as well. Fifth, check to see if you can go through the installing process without getting errors after restarting the computer.

The second one is to run the update manually. The first thing that you have to do is to navigate the folder on the computer by clicking the Libraries icon on the taskbar and pasting the location C:\Users(Name)\AppData\Local\Discord. Then, locate the updater file that should be named accordingly, right click on it, and select the Run as administrator option. The next thing that you have to do is to select the version of the app that you had installed before the updating process engaged. If you are not sure about it, you can even select the older version. After that, run the Discord app as admin as well and check out to see if the issue is gone.

The third solution is to updating everything on your computer. Some other solutions that you can try are disabling the real time scanner on your respective anti virus, adding the Discord folder to your antivirus exceptions list, connecting to the hotspot on your phone, deleting everything Discord related and retry, fixing the broken package, and restoring the system. If you still cannot install or download Discord even after following all the methods, you can try to seek a help from the expert.

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