Wolf Life 2 Music Codes

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On Roblox, we have chance to use music. If we want to use music, we have to know the ID. The ID can be seen at the end of the URL of the audio in the Roblox Audio Library. If you are able to find the audio that you want to use on Roblox, you are able to upload it.

If you want to upload an audio, you have to spend some Robux for every upload and the amount of Robux that you have to spend will depend on the length of the audio that you upload. So, what song do you want to use on Roblox? Is it Wolf Life 2? If so, you need some codes of it.

Here, we have some of them and you are able to try to use it.

  • Thunder: 755156652
  • Its Raining Tacos: 142295308
  • Sorry Not Sorry: 910717216

We do not know whether these code still work or not but you can try to use these codes. Besides the codes above, there are also other codes that you can try to use. These codes are taken from a video of The Weirdo_100% entitled Roblox Song Code Ids | Wolves Life 2. The codes are as listed below.

  • 544844287
  • 228951484
  • 680612395
  • 818422404
  • 878367892

There are also other codes songs that we take from a video of Zigzag_Cat entitled 4 Awesome Song Codes For Wolf Life 2. Here they are.

  • 177681012
  • 387471091
  • 411165457
  • 131149175

Now, you have known the codes of the songs, so you are able to use them on Roblox.

If we talk about Wolf Life 2, what do you think about the game of Wolves’ Life 2? This game is created by Shyfoox studios and it was created on January 24th, 2017 and the last update of the game when this article is creating is on April 7th, 2019. Wolves’ Life 2 can be played by 37 maximum players in each server. This game is categorized into RPG games on Roblox and until now it has been visited more than 29 million times. It has more than 349K favorites and more than 77K likes.

In this game, you are able to buy a wolf. You are also able to use the classic wolves which are free and customize your wolf in a ton of different colors and styles. In this game, there are a lot of badges that you are able to get including Welcome to Wolves’ Life, You met Shyfoox, Found a Yellow Gem, Black Flower, Beat Time Attack, White Flower, Blue Flower, Pink Flower, Green Flower, Yellow Flower, Red Flower, Purple Flower, Dark Blue Flower, and Found the Christmas Hat badge in 2017.

Besides, there are also game passes that you are able to buy and those are Guardian Wolf for R$ 20, Enchantress Wolf for R$ 20, Winged Wolf for R$ 50, Fairy Wolf for R$ 50, Very Important Wolf (VIP) for R$ 100, Angel Wolf for R$ 50, Medic Wolf for R$ 25, Beanie Wolf for R$ 10, Alpha Wolf for R$ 25, Frosty Wolf for R$ 25, Fat Wolf for R$ 3, Divine Wolf for R$ 500, Ocean Wolf for R$ 20, Punk Wolf for R$ 20, and Dab Animation for R$ 1. If you have never played this game, you can try it now.

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