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Everybody can play Roblox because it is available freely on all devices such as Xbox one, iPod touch, PC, Microsoft windows, Android, IOS, Amazon device, Oculus rift, Mac OS, Fire OS, and HTC vive.

Based on the research, there are many people who play the game of Roblox in their Xbox device, one of them is on Xbox 360. Playing Roblox game on Xbox 360, the building game in sandbox style makes any player more fun and enjoyable. It is one of reasons why many people play the games of Roblox on Xbox.

By the way, can you track a stolen Xbox? Actually, you are able to create a stolen Xbox ticket and then Xbox enforcement will track the Serial Number and the ip address if someone is using it. They will also work with police (For note: if you have a incident number). You are able to call Xbox Customer support and tell them to block the stolen console from Xbox live.

According to research, currently there are also some Xbox tracker that you can use to track your Xbox. In this case, you are able to search for its information by typing Xbox Tracke from your browser. Then, there will some results regarding the Xbox Tracker. It is freely to use the Xbox track to track your stolen Xbox.

For those who your Xbox console was lost or stolen, apparently there are some steps that you can do to take to secure your account and report your lost Xbox console.


If your Xbox console was stolen or lost, immediately you can change your password.

1. Firstly, please sign in to with your Microsoft account.

2. Then, you have to go to Security.

3. After that, please select “Change Password” to reset the password for your Microsoft account.

4. Next, you may be prompted to verify that you are the account owner by receiving a security code.

5. Afterwards, you must enter your current password.

6. Please enter and confirm your new password.


We suggest you to report your stolen Xbox console to your local law enforcement as well as your insurance company. In this case, you have to provide the serial number for the missing console. In finding it, follow these easy steps below.

1. Please sign to with your Microsoft account.

2. Then, you can select Devices.

3. After that, you have to scroll down to the Xbox console was stolen.

4. Immediately, the serial number will be listed under the device’s name.


You can review your billing activity to en sure the person who has stolen your Xbox console has not made any unauthorized charges.

1. On, please go to Payment and billing > Order history.

2. If you do not recognize a charge, please contact us.

3. Finally, please keep an eye on your account to ensure that any possible unauthorized charges have time to be posted to your Xbox account.

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