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Do you looking for Yutashu code? It is one of promo code which was released on November 26, 2017. You have to know that the code of Yutashu is Burnt Burrito. Based on the research, this Yutashu code is a skin which added in the Black Friday of 2017.

During the Black Friday event in 2017s, there was a hidden hole in a hill in the main map where ChickenEngineer as the creator of Dinosaur Simulator appeared. Whenever you scrolled over it, then you are going to get the Burnt Burrito code for the Troodon skin Yutashu. By the way, how to use this Yutashu code? If you want to use it, firstly you have to click on Promo Codes in the main menu. The second step, you have to enter the code of Yutashu (Burnt Burrito). After that, you are able to redeem the Burnt Burrito code. The last, you are going to enjoy your new skin/dinosaur Simulator.

We ever heard that Yutashu skin has a method to improve the animations compared to the Classic Troodon. Then, Yutashu also has unique roars that more terrifying screech. If you are a player of Dinosaur Simulator, we are sure that you are going to be familiar with this Yutashu. According to the research, this Yutashu is unlike the normal skin of the Troodon. It is able to grab and take many slightly bigger small dinosaurs despite its small size. For examples are the baby Giganotosaurus and baby Baryonyx. Even, it also has ability to carry a juvenile Yutashu. We think this Yutashu is a great skin.

Dinosaur simulator is one of Roblox games that very good and fast growing. There are many players of this Roblox Dinosaur simulator. ChickenEngineer as the creator of Dinosaur Simulator was created this Dinosaur simulator game on March 19, 2015. Then, it was updated on May 22, 2018. You have to know that Dinosaur simulator game is able to be played with 16 maximum players. In this time, it has been visited by more than 95 million times. Besides work on codes, ChickenEngineer also work on models and maps. ChickenEngineer runs the official Dinosaur Simulator Discord and has a Twitter account along with a Youtube Channel. For your information, the actual name of ChickenEngineer is Shawn Le.

In addition, if you need further information related Roblox Dinosaur Simulator especially Yutashu skin, so you are able to search from other article in our website. Or you are able also to visit the page of Dinosaur Simulator Wikia. Now, in this article, we are going also to share some explanation of Yutashu. Let us see its explanation in the text below.

Diet: Omnivora
Classification: Terrestrial
Promo code: Burnt Burrito
Availability: Yes
Tradeable: No

Defense: 5
Oxygen: 10
Moistness: None
Growth Rate: 0.3
Description: It is one of the smallest dinosaurs in the game.
Height: 3 ft
Length: 6 ft
Weight: 50 lbs
Made by: servez_2build

Baby: 150
Juvenile: 345
Adult: 642
Elder: 900

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